ho ho ho-lidays...

I was looking for last years Christmas blog post and realized i didn't even post about it. Sure there are some random pictures here and there though, at least we have those to look back on. Like usual I find myself scouring through the Christmas pictures to find blurry snapshots of Deakon, and random pictures of holiday happenings. I don't know why but with big holidays and memories I seem to busy taking it all in then trying to get those sweet moments captured. It's kind of  annoying really, seeing how I love to blog stalk all the blogs that seem to capture every last waking moment of Christmas and put it all together in a beautiful narrative blog post. oh well, I'll get better eventually and in the future my kids will be rolling their eyes every birthday or Christmas because their mom is a pathological picture taker.
Christmas this year was great. we finally were able to enjoy the holiday we were so busy preparing for and Deakon wising up to what's going on made it even better. We spent Christmas eve with my mom's did of the family and had dinner and Santa came. Deakon was the first one up to Santa, i think he was more curios this time. at the ward party you wouldn't have known that Santa was there. he didn't care a bit. then all the littles got to take a whack at the Santa pinata. that was entertaining ;] Santa gave Deakon his cute little reindeer hat that he kept on his head for a total of ten minutes.
My favorite part of christmas eve is going home a prepping for the morning, crawling into bed late into the night and drifting off to sleep. I was awake at like 6:00 am becasue our nieghbors stupid roosters were crowing. being the grown up i am i auto matically thought "it's christmas!" and i couldn't really fall asleep since. so I tossed and turned and rolled into Preston a few times hoping he"d wake up and sure enough he did. He rolled over and said "merry christmas" amd i knew it was game on. :] So we got up and opened our presents to one anoher whil we waited for our kid to wake up (i know we're terrible). We had to wake deakon upand bring him downstairs. As soon as he saw the lights he ran downstairs. We got him a trike, he loves it and it's still a little big for him so until he can really ride it i can push and steer him. we're going to love it on our walks come this spring.

The rest of the holiday was a whirlwind of church, Family, food, getting spoiled and feeling loved. What's not to love about the holiday's.  The season is officially over and we're prepping and trying to get back into the routine before i go back to school on Monday. Ugh, we won't talk about that.

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  1. Nixon and Deakon have matching jammies the cutest christmas jammies if you ask me!!! So cute pictures cant wait to hear all about your break monday!!


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