Does saying it out loud...

Make it official?
Yes. Yes it does.
Preston and I have spent the last three months or so trying to make a huge descion. We have finally made it. although saying it out loud or typing it on the blog makes it so final and so official, which makes me more of a bawl baby than I already am. I can't stop from tearing up. We are moving. To Washington.

I have imagined my whole life of raising a family in the same little town that I grew up in. Some people might think that is lame or naive, but it's what I have pictured. Firth really is a great little town to be in. It's small enough that everyone waves to each other, even if they don't know each other. Yet it's not secluded like other little towns. Running into Idaho Falls to run errands takes about 20 min, rather than making a monthly trip into "town" as you would in other small towns.

When I married Preston I knew that there would be more of a chance of us not staying around my family. We stayed in Idaho because we met at BYU-I and My hygiene program was at ISU. The fact that Firth was practically smack dab between the two towns was a bonus. My family living two minutes away...a double bonus. Preston didn't think much of the place when we first were married. Most of it was kidding to push my buttons. As we were debating on the move Preston confessed he didn't want to move. He had grown to love this little place. Which made the descion even harder.

Why are we moving? Simple. We both went to school, graduated from college so that we could have careers that would provide for our family. Since Preston graduated in 2009 he has had no luck in finding a career oriented job. Like zip. zero. He was offered a job in Washington nine months after we had deakon but I had gotten into ISU literally the same week. We decided then that I needed to finish school. He turned down the job. Since then our goal was to survive school. Preston has worked as a server, then an insurance agent, a store manager then back to a server but none of them he has wanted to do forever. He still wanted to have a career in the police force. He was given a chance to interview with Pocatello Police Department but the timing just wasn't right. He's the hardest worker I know, and he's ready for a change. I graduated in May. Got my licnese in July and have handed out over 60 resumes from Blackfoot to Rexburg. With not even an interview. I did get to sub at a office in Rigby but other than that...nothing. Makes me feel like I went to school for nothing. Through the past three years our motto has been;

The truth is this area we so desperately want to call home isn't working out for us. 
We have finally admitted it.
Before Halloween we went to Washington to see what the job market is like out there. Preston also took a standardized police test and scored a 197/200. He currently has three police departments wanting more information. YAY! The visit to his home ward went really well. I was able to talk to four dentists personally. I asked them how the hygiene market was and they said somewhat the same thing I have heard everywhere "it's tight". One dentist said though "not impossible". They were more than willing to get my number and pass along my info to all their dentist friends. They weren't hiring but they all mentioned they would love to use me as a sub when they need one. That Sunday I knew. We needed to move there. I've cried. A lot. It's going to be hard to move away from everything I know. My friends, our ward, and most importantly my family. Plus Deakon has gotten to know quite a few kids while living in our little apartment. I'll be sad to remove him from that. But we have gotten an answer and Washington is the place to be. I am sad but at the same time excited. We will be around Preston's family who love us dearly, and a new place, new adventures, and hopefully new jobs quickly. So we have shifted gears and adopted a new quote from a great man who we trust with all our hearts...


Luckily we still have a month to relish our time in this little place we have made home.To clean and purge all the stuff we have accumulated over the last three and a half years, to have fun last times with friends, and to enjoy the thanksgiving holiday with family. 


  1. You guys will love Washington! What a wonderful opportunity! We will have to come visit! Miss you so much!

  2. Bittersweet!! I am so excited for you guys! It is so hard to leave! I always cry the whole drive but you will meet some wonderful people!!!

  3. Devry! Good luck! That's a big decision and it will be a great one! When we lived in D.C. the BEST part was how close our family became as a whole. It will be a blessing and where you need to be! Sending you love! And no more tears! You'll be great!


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