tooth fairy chronicles: senior year stilettos and applebee's vomit...

Awkward enough title right? 
*also super long post warning* 
With no pictures and bad grammar mind you...If you read it all I'll be impressed.

Just finished my first week as a senior, it's funny how time changes things. Last year I would've given my right arm and a little pinky toe to have been a senior. Now I'm here. Looking back junior year seems like my favorite pair of sweat pants. Well known, reliable, and comfy. I have found out quickly that senior year is similar to a cute pair of stilettos, an enticing little package that you only have to wear for a little while longer but you can't seem to feel  anything past your ankles, and walking in them is harder than it seems. A little part of me wished I could be a junior a few times through this week...

Maybe it's because the past week that Team Payne had has been like a swift kick in the pants...

Late for the first day of school, and when I say late, I mean really late. Subsequently I could not find a parking spot and spent a good portion of time circling the university lots like and automotive shark, on the hunt for pray.

Deak woke up covered... and I mean covered in last night's dinner. He and Preston stayed home.

First day of clinic (not with patients yet) and spent three hours just going over the syllabus. Overwhelming?...um, slightly. but hey, I woke up on time.

Deak still sick and having blow out dipes here and there.

Started expanded functions clinic today. going to be filling cavity's in a patient's mouth in eight weeks. Really cool and really scary. Any Takers?

 Little D seeming like he's feeling better but we were wrong, so wrong. Fool me once...

Three hour discussion about clinic again, this time it was about radiographs...they are going to be the death of me.

Deak bawling in the morning and me having to pry him off of my leg to leave, while holding back tears. Remember me wishing he acted like he cared at all when I dropped him off last year? Ya, I take that back. Deak being such a little social butterfly is a tender mercy from the Lord to me. 

And then there was Friday:
Super long day at school.

Preston almost causing a wreck between another car and himself and Deakon. With a ladder on the freeway while going to help Lyssie and Jordan move. He managed to come away only with a broken mirror, thank heavens (another story for another time)....and then there was Applebee's.

We got a table and as soon as we sat down Deak began to color happily. We got our food like twenty minutes later and didn't even get two bites in and Deak burped the burp... you know the kind of burp when you as a mom think "this could end badly". Before I know it I'm looking at D's face thinking "Oh my hell".  (Now I've dealt with this scenario before.Serving three years at Applebee's myself exposed me to the disgusting and equally emotionally embarrassing incident of child restaurant puking, but this time it was my toddler).

 Catching your child's old lunch and managing to be more concerned about the little one than the gooey warm macaroni ick falling into your hands is really unconditional love ;]....poor Deak. He started bawling and Preston and I just wanted to take him home and get him feeling better. The server brought us napkins, wash cloths, to go boxes, and our check asap while I  struggled to bite my tongue at all the gawking people around us. Really? Sorry if we ruined your dinner but seriously people have a little sympathy. jeesh! We headed home.

On the bright side the night ended with Deak all clean and snuggled in bed, a movie with my best friend and our bed. It's Saturday night, while writing this post the week seems somewhat comical to me. Called the Doctor today and the bug seems to be going around and we just need to wait it out. Concerning school I'm a little upset that everything  I learned last year isn't fresh on the top of my mind. Obviously I need to dust off some brain cells and get back into the swing of things. It's overwhelming really, all that's left to get accomplished. Somehow it will all get done with lots of faith and prayers and re-charging of our batteries. That's what Sunday is for.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm stressed out for ya!! Poor deak! Doesn't sound like a very fun week! I hope he is feeling better and school goes fast for you!

  2. I had to bite my tongue and people gawking at me the other day too. I had to discipline Cooper in the mall parking lot after he hit Aniston and threw something at Burton and WOULD NOT say he was sorry. I got him out of the car and spanked His little bum. Well, some older ladies stood pointing and mutthering under their breathe. One still was muttering as we walked into the mall doors. Took everything I had to not flip around and say maybe if more kids got a spanking or two or world wouldn't be where we are! AHH! I thought for sure the police would be at my car when I got back. LIFE! Better Luck this week;)

  3. oh poor deak...glad he's feeling better. and yucky first week of school, but your on the home-stretch, so good luck. ps, if you ever do need dummies for cavity-filling, i'm in.

  4. oh my goodness Devry! I am right there with you. Its so hard having a sick baby with the stress of school. I really wish I was a junior again. Life was so simple if we only would have known. YOu will be fine this year. We will look out for each other!!! Keep it up only one more year of this!


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