it"s been a process...

This little ol' bedroom makeover of mine. Filled with tons of DIY projects, and slowly but surely it's starting to come together and look like an actual grown up bedroom.

Last year Preston let me makeover our bedroom for my birthday (best present ever) when I say this was done on a tight budget I mean, this was done on a really tight budget. He let me choose the color scheme, bed spread, and sheets and let only one little comment slip through his lips "pink?...really?...my man parts are going to run away screaming." Sooo dramatic, the pink is here to stay.

This is what it looked like after the initial makeover...

  I wanted the room to have a somewhat eclectic feel to it so over time I collected treasures whenever I was lucky enough to find them. Like this bad boy...

Oh wait, i had a before picture then the old computer craped out on me.  Just picture it with a nasty dirty gold frame and a beautiful serene lake scene of a picture (circa 1975). Um... not my thing. DI let me take it home for $10.00. They wanted $20.00 but that was just outrageous (is it just me or does DI think they're Nordstroms lately?) So the hubs with his persuasive personality talked them down. I got home and got right to work. Painted the frame and covered the pretty ugly picture with leftover fabric. Perfect substitute for a headboard. I'm currently searching for a  curly willow wreath to complete the look, but no such luck yet.

This little nightstand was found randomly one day while perusing the Vintage Farm Blog. I was lucky enough to run to pocky and snag it before anyone else for $45.00. Part of me wishes it came with a twin just so I could end the night stand search all together. Although that wouldn't add to the eclectic feel I'm going for. I  love it!

You know when you start a project and you think this will be amazing and then halfway into it you really start to doubt the amazingness?... Ya that was this project.

 Well after stripping five layers of paint off, sanding, Priming (with paint not primer on accident) and three coats later, paining it the actual color (another three coats) and then glazing it. whew! Part of me thinks that was the biggest waste of time EVER!

Ya that was this dresser. It was my dads when he was a baby and made it rounds through the fam. All in all it turned out ok, but just ok wasn't worth the work that was put into it.

On the other hand this bad boy was worth all the sweat and finger cramps. 
We snagged this at a yard sale for $27.00.  I remembered half way through the process to take a before pic.


Sanded the varnish off, primed, and painted using Rustoleums Heirloom White (my new favorite white!) I had to control myself from distressing the thing before it was dry because I was so excited to see it in the bedroom. It took forever! but it's now in it's pretty little spot begging to be used.  I think this is my favorite piece in the room.


Preston and I found this ginormouse chest at another garage sale for $25.00.  No before picture (I always get to excited to remember to take one) but I painted it black and distressed it. The one he got me for Christmas was put in Deakon's room to hold his precious things and this one holds ours.

I made the jewelery displays with inspiration from blog land. It prevents me digging through a mess of pretties in my jewelery box and puts it on display for me to admire. The earring frame was a yard sale find redone and Preston made the necklace board from scratch, the knobs were found at the Mini Bazzar.

Our room has really come together, and it has been so fun for me to collect things slowly but surely. The one thing I would probably do differently is make it a little more masculine for Prestons sake (even though he tells me he doesn't care) My favorite part is practically every thing in there can be re-done to match my next extreme bedroom make over.

yep, I already have a new color scheme in mind. I'm not telling Preston about it for a while though. This work needs to last a while. :]

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  1. DEVRY!!!! I LOVE IT ALL!! When I get a house...future... I want you to help me!!! AH.love.

  2. So cute! Love it! You have such a fun style. You want to come decorate my bedroom? It needs serious help!!

  3. You are amazing. Forget dentistry and be a designer! You will be famous!


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