geese & ducks...

We needed to run some errands, and we happened to have some stale hamburger buns that were headed for the trash bin, so what did we do? ... stopped by the green belt and fed the geese and ducks.

You know when you did something as a kid and you remember it being so fun? So you can't wait to do it with your baby kid.

You think "this will be the best thing, my baby kid is going to get a kick out of this!"... Then there's a huge let down when they don't necessarily hate it, but they don't love it either. Pretty much the baby kid could've lived with out it and been perfectly fine?

Ya, that was Deak's reaction.  I tried not to care either....

On the plus side we got rid of some old bread, got some cute pics, and spent time with one another.
Good enough for me!

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