summer's funeral

The start of August feels like summer's funeral to me. I'm clinging on to summer with a white knuckle death grip but it's not working and my hand and head hurt. School starts back up this month, and that has everything to do with these feelings.

We have been cramming in everything on our summer "to do" list that hasn't been done yet. Last week we went to Ross Park in Pocatello. We had never been there and were pleasantly suprised. Deak had a blast as you can see. Splishing and splashing, he threw a tantrum when we started to leave, but who wouldn't?

 Preston and I enjoyed our time together, we know it's fleeting. the 19th is coming to quickly and our family time will be scarce really until Christmas break (let's not talk about that, tears will well up and I just did my makeup) part of me wants school to start just to get the ball rolling and get it over with. One more year left!

Still on our summer list; family pictures, the bodies exhibit, a temple session, and the zoo. 
Plus loads of hugs and kisses.
I heart my little family.


  1. i will second that....i love ross park, and i certainly looks as though deacon did too. so fun. my summer ends on sunday as chase starts the dreaded hunting season! blah. however, we still have not checked off our list of the bodies exhibit and temple session either, and were quite out of time. goodbye summer.

  2. I love your posts! You have a great way of explaining just how I feel about summer to!! cant wait to see you


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