team payne's goals....

As a kick off to the new year "Team Payne" sat around one night for FHE and decided that we needed to have some focused goals to reach for. We will always have the same eternal goal; to return to our Father in Heaven. Sometimes though I feel like it's the small goals that get forgotten. It's the small goals that keep us grounded and centered, and help us to reach the overall goal. So as an FHE activity we sat around and set goals for our little team that we think we can achieve. ...So far...um...well...let's just say we're grateful for new beginnings :]   But we're hanging in there! I can already tell it's making a difference....


  1. Devry you are so crafty! Please explain to me what you made that goal sheet out of? Cause it's seriously cute! Maybe you can explain it to me when I call you back :) Sorry for the delay. If I don't call you before, you can expect for me to call on your birthday for sure!

  2. Devry.....
    I need your CREATIVITY right now and watch on the little sister for Liberty:). I LOVE your goals....They have made in a difference in my life the last little while when I realized there was way to much disorder and I NEEDED to feel the love from my Heavenly FAther. SIMPLE truths! I can't believe I can overlook them.

  3. OH! I forgot what I started to post was how I LOVE how you call your family TEAM PAYNE it is so cute. I watch Bill and Guiliana and I LOVE how she calls Bill Rancic. Anyway, another car crash I can't help but watch. BUT on the upside THEY are not so TRASHY. They have standards:)
    P.s. have a good week watching the t.v.

  4. she calls Bill ....Rancic

    seriously ....sorry for hogging the posting room :(


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