when preston grows up he wants to be....

.... Just like every little boy Preston has had the childhood fantasy of becoming a cop. Hunting down the bad guys and helping the good. He has bachelor's degree in communications with a minor in business  management. He's been told that that's excellent for law enforcement. Although when I met Preston he was looking to become a Public Relations expert for a hotel resort or a casino. As we were dating and getting to know one another he had always talked about how neat it would be to be a cop, working as DEA, SWAT, or for the FBI. I thought "ya that fits you. you're good with dealing with people, your bilingual, you can be very persuasive, you don't get angry easy, and you would look good in a uniform :]. But you're not serious right?"  He would reassure me that he wouldn't want to have that high risk of a job unless it was ok with his wife. I assured him if I was his wife it wasn't ok. Selfish I know but I tend to be a worry wart in the first place, and just the thought that my best friend could possibly get shot at (or worse) daily makes me want to pull my eyelashes out!...

....Looks like I'll be needing to invest in some fake eyelashes!... Come February 6th he'll be testing in Seattle to become a Washington State Police Officer. As months went by and no PR job opportunities were coming in Preston and I re-evaluated his career choices. He wants to do something that he will love. Something that won't get old or boring and law enforcement is calling his name (so he says). We've prayed about it and feel like it's the right thing for our little team. So the process has begun... am I looking forward to the late nights of worrying? NO. I am however looking forward to having a husband that does something he loves (not to mention the uniform!) ;] ....We'll keep you posted.


  1. Wow!.........I don't know what else to say!

  2. Wow, I never would have thought of using the Comm degree in that way, but what do you do when there are no PR JOBS!!! Best of luck to you both!


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