...blessing day...

I've always gone to church and listened to baby blessings and thought that that day was a long way from happening to me. Even when Preston and I got married it still seemed like forever. The Sunday   we blessed Deakon I was kind of in unbelief. We  decided to bless him the sunday after Christmas. Preston's parents had come to visit us then. We wanted to do the traditional blessing and then dinner with friends and family. Unfortunatly since Deakon is a preemie we had been told to keep him in our home away from germs at all times until APRIL (it's going to be a long winter)! So we decided that we would just bless him during sacrament, then bring him home, and just be with each other. We had family and friends there all supporting Deakon. It was perfect. Preston was a little nervous about the blessing but he did great. It was a beautiful blessing. That day I couldn't help but feel so grateful for Deakon and the wonderful spirit he brings in our home. Heavenly Father has continually blessed Preston and I. Maybe not with the blessings we think we need but somehow we are always taken care of. I'm so thankful and excited to be a Mom. I only hope that i'm a good one. I wouldn't want to break this cute little guy!... :]


  1. I love his outfit! he is such a cutie! hope to see ya'll on saturday!

  2. He is such a doll. ANd you are beautiful your Christmas snapshots! I'm glad it was such a special day for you guys.

  3. He's SO beautiful. I'm so glad you have the labor behind you and that Deakon is HOME. What a blessing. I linked your blog to mine, It's adorable. And funny because I had the same background!
    Glad you had a Happy Christmas and New Year!


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