Things I Learned While On Spring Break...


I hate...and I mean HATE flying.

Especially with a two year old.

People in air ports have staring problems.

There are Germs everywhere.

Turbulence and motion sickness don't go well together, as a matter of fact if your plane has scary enough turbulence it can cause some people to break out crying, and most others to curse really loud.
 Ya that happened.

Whoever thought to have a kid play place in a terminal at an airport is a complete genius!

My grandparents spoil their grand kids rotten. 

My grandma loves anything animal print and is one sassy lady.

The flu ruins a lot of fun.

Build-a-Bear is not as fun as it looks, as a parent (although Deak loved every minute of it).

Bubbly toddler toes are the cutest.

Grandma can out shop both Alyssa and I. 

Arizona weather is sweet right now.

Deakon loves his new shades.

Love notes can make a Grandma cry.

I love my husband, especially when I come home and the house is clean and laundry is done.
Oh, how I missed him.

I'm one lucky girl who doesn't want spring break to end.

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