....25 little randoms....

1: When i go shopping with no money to spend, i always find a billion things i want.
2: When i go shopping with money to spend, i can't find anything i want.
3: I love love love being crafty and making things with my own two hands
4: I love using vinyl lettering on my walls... no need for hammer and nails.
5: People say i have cute handwriting... i don't think so.
6: My husband is my best friend.
7: I love teeth...and i want to clean nasty teeth every time I see a mouth full of them.
8: I love any high heel... i hate wearing them.
9:I'm constantly thinking of baby names even though I'm nowhere near having a baby.
10: I think grammar is useless. :]
11: I love being married; slumber party every night.
12: I have a soft spot in my heart for stuffed animals.
13: I always think about dying my hair a completely different color but i always chicken out.
14: My sister and i look like twins... or so we've heard.
15: I watch trash TV with my husband... we consider it a hobby.
16: I look up to my little brother.
17: My cousin drew, my Mom, and I, have a freckle in the exact same spot on our faces.
18: Scrapbooking is my outlet.
19: I never settle for anything less than the best.
20: I like all colors but pink is my #1.
21: I think that birthday's should be celebrated all week long.
22: My husband made fun of me instead of trying to flatter me before we dated.
23: Preston was my boyfriend for five months before I ever called him my boyfriend.
24: I love anything that SPARKLES!
25: I've been told that I have big hair and my name is "different" countless times.

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