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Deakon K Payne made his grand entrance to this world at 11:16 A.M. on October 12th 2009. Weighing in at 2 lbs 9 oz., 15 and 1/2 inches long. He was born 9 weeks early due to a condition called pre-eclampsia. Which I had no idea that I had. Honestly to tell the truth Monday morning was a scary morning. I woke up around 6:30 with pain that felt like what could be contractions, and a blinding headache. I laid in bed and tried to sleep with the pain but it was to much so I got up and headed out the bedroom door with my pregnancy book in hand. The next thing I know is I have people asking me if I know who I am, and where I am, and I heard something about an ambulance. Come to find out I ended up having a seizure due to my spiking blood pressure. Preston and Alyssa found me on the floor while siezing and called 911. The ambulance rushed me to ERIMC and the next thing I remember, my water broke and I was being prept for an emergency C-section. Long story short the Pre-eclampsia occured within a two week period between my doctor's appointments. I had an appointment that monday morning at eleven. I've been told that it's treatable with bed rest, the extreme condition is turning into ecclampsia and seizing, which is what happened. The doctors told me that if I hadn't seized we would have lost Deakon. my blood pressure was so high it was blocking the blood flow from my placenta to the baby.
So out of a really bad situation we are slowly recovering and have gotten the best case scenario. Deakon is doing great for a preemie, he's breathing on his own and isn't attached to any Ivy's any more, and he's even gained three ounces weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs. 12 oz.! He's still being fed through a tube in his nose but he's handling the feeding's well. They say he won't come home until his due date, Dec. 15th. That's been the hardest part of all of this, leaving him there. And dealing with the guilt of having to leave him there. But I have to tell myself that he's getting better care there than Preston or I could give him right now.
We have learned many things from this experience. Preston and I are truly blessed by our Heavenly Father. We feel like Deakon is our little tender mercy. We are loved by so many people; family, friends, and people in the community. We have felt all the support and prayers and well wishes and we are ever so grateful for all of them...

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  1. Devry- I dont know if you remember me, I was in your ward at the village and I am friends with Jeff and Kapri, I saw you at American Eagle and wondered if you were pregnant and so I checked your blog.... to find this! Oh I hope you are all doing okay! Good Luck with everything!!!!Youre all in my prayers
    ~Kaeli Stevens


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