seattle, a ferry, and some bling.....

....Today is March 9th. A Tuesday. A seemingly boring day. Not for Preston and I though. March 9th 2007 was a day that both of us will never forget. Preston asked me to marry him three years ago today. I think it's always fun to hear other couples engagement stories. Each story is like a snowflake. Not one of them are alike but each one is perfect. {and if for some reason it wasn't perfect it's a story none the less :]} 
....Our story starts off in Seattle, and ends on a Ferry....

{Cue the sappy romantic music in your head...}

{A not so good pic of the city at the top of the Space Needle.}

The whole time Preston and I dated it was a long distance relationship. He was in Washington and I was stuck in Idaho. So when we got really serious I would fly over there once every other month or so. For Valentine's Day he bought me a plane ticket and we went looking for rings that entire weekend {talk about a good weekend}. He didn't propose to me then though {I was rather disappointed}. The next month was full of anticipation until I got to see him again. The whole week before Preston kept talking about how he had planned a hike for us that Saturday. ICK! If you know anything about me you know I hate hiking, Preston loves it. So I was thinking to myself "Great I'm going to have to climb up a stupid mountain, all tired and sweaty just to get that ring."  Double ICK! When I got there on Friday we went to Seattle for the day. We went shopping, to Pikes Place, P.F. Chang's for dinner {Yummy}, and to the Space Needle {you would think he would've done it there....nope}. On the way home we caught the Ferry. It was late, and outside it was dark, cold, and of course wet. Preston wanted to go to the top balcony. I argued with him, complaining that it was to cold and rainy. He Persisted. {Did I catch on at this point?....NO.} I gave in, so we went up there and snuggled. Preston stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me to keep me warm. The entire time Preston was whispering sweet memorable nothing's in my ear, but I was to distracted by the view and my shivering to really take them in. I soon realized there was ring box in front of my face and he whispered in my ear "Devry will you marry me?". I was in total and complete shock. So much so that I  turned around to face him & said "shut up". He smiled, I cried and said "yes". He teared up a little too. I was no longer cold or wet :]. And I didn't have to go on a stinky sweaty hike either.

{On the monorail from the mall to the space needle.}

....The perfect proposal from the perfect man for me. Was there a flashing banner at a football game? No. A 1000 daisies all over the place and candles every where? No. He didn't even get down on his knee. But I honestly wouldn't have had it any other way. I love you eternally Preston.  
{Do I have any Pics of the actual moment?... No. Too busy hugging and kissing....}

....So what's your story?...

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  1. How fun! I don't thimk I have ever heard the whole thing! You were always a sucker for the romantics!!!


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