i believe in marriage...

(Pure Bliss as Mr. & Mrs.)

I believe what matters most is what lasts the longest.

I believe that marriage is the first step, the first adventure, the first everything 
to a long eternity with your best friend.

I believe healthy, happy, long lasting marriages can exist in this day and age.

I believe that marriage takes team work, give and take, and 100% unselfishness.

I believe that it takes hard work and dedication to have a happy marriage.

I know that marrying Preston was the most thought out, spiritually guided, best decision I have ever made.

I know that getting sealed  for eternity to Preston was the most sacred experience in my life.

I believe that I have hit my mushy/corny/cheesy limit with this post.

Happy third anniversary Preston, I love you.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love that picture!!! You guys are awesome!


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