my fingers have been busy...

Just a few quick pics things I've been up to lately...

A little pretty I made to put in Lyssie's hair for the upcoming wedding.

These little lovely's were gift ideas from Kellie, for her expecting sisters Janae and Camber. I got the beads and put them together, eventually they had the new baby's ultra sound pic in the frame...Cute!

(Pink & Orange for baby Aniston, Blue & Orange for Baby Boy Lewis)

I'm just enjoying the last few weeks I have off before school starts again... Yuck.

Also, scrambling like a chicken with it's head cut off to get the wedding all put together,crossing my fingers it will all work out. I keep telling Lyss that what matters most is what happens in the temple, the rest is just noise. It calms us both down for a good five minutes. :]

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