tooth fairy chronicles: whew!...

 Team Payne has turned a huge page in the dental hygiene adventure book. 

First year done, it's crazy to think about really.  

I've learned alot this year. and when I say alot...

  I mean A LOT!


(This is only the binders, behind the scenes there are text books, instruments to master, video clips, planners, and policy and procedures manuals)

All of that has been crammed into this teensey tiny little brain of mine.

Unfortunately those binders have been my closest friends for the past year. 

And this little guy I'm afraid has been neglected of Mommy-Deakon time more than I'm willing to admit. 

It's sad really...

But I did it, I made it through with only a few minor bumps and bruises.

No way I could have done it without amazing family and friends support. 

Not to mention Preston, making it this far definitely took some major team effort and true love.

We did it. 

...Just today Preston came into the living room and asked me what I was doing. When I told him "nothing"   he said, "it's weird not having you trapped in our bedroom studying".  

(pathetic, I know. But that has been our reality for the past year)

Now it's time for summer trips, lazy days, late spring cleaning, and lots and lots of family time. 

After three more weeks of summer clinic (to get more experience)  I'll officially be free!

What a relief

This summer is going to fly by....


  1. Yay Devry! We are so proud of you!

  2. We did it! your blog is so freaking cute sister! I love it. Miss seeing ya every day hope you have a good summer with your adorable son!


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