The Tooth Fairy Chronicles: So I kinda Graduated...

 I thought about writing this post and breaking into two different parts because, well there's a lot of optimism to it and a lot of skepticism as well. Right now though that's how I'm feeling, one big jumbled mess of happy and what if. So it's all one long post. Bear with me.

I say kinda graduated because while I have survived The ISU Dental Hygiene Program (which is a feat itself) I still have a mountain to climb. I have to get a license, in order to work. and well let's just say the dental hygiene profession makes it almost impossible to get a license. There are so many hoops that one must jump through to obtain a piece of paper that says you know what you are doing. Some of these hoops have sharp fangs,or shards of glass embedded in them, others are merely on fire. I have jumped through three of these terrifying hoops with only minor injuries. I had three written exams to take and I decided to take all three in two days (not so smart),  but I had a "rip the band-aid off" mentality with these tests. I spent and easy month study all the time (ALL THE TIME). After making it through I felt as though I had been mentally beat up, gang-bangers, baseball bat, brass knuckles and all.  Good news though... I passed them. The constant studying is over, but I have spent the past several weeks preparing for my three clinical exams. Yep. I have to prove myself to big wig examiners. Preparation involves screening people to find the right patient. They need to have the right amount of calculus (tartar build up)...heavy enough, not to tenacious, and in all the right spots. Easy right? NO. I have done a ba-gillion screenings.  Not only do I have to find one patient, I need to find a back up as well. No biggie. I think I have found one patient, so that takes the pressure off a bit but I'm on the search for a backup. During the test the only time your absolutely sure your patient qualifies is if they come back from the examiners with directions to clean the area that you submitted. It's a wicked process, and it can have wicked results.  If your patient doesn't show up your out a thousand dollars and can't take the exam, if they happen to get a cold sore you can't take the exam. If your patient gets tired of the testing process and wants to quit halfway through you fail. ugh...such a wicked process. There is so much to it that it's exhausting and complicated to try to explain it all. This morning though I stumbled upon this quote that pierced my heart and made my eyes tear up...

"When in situations of stress, we wonder if there is any more in us to give. We can be comforted to know that God, who knows our capacity perfectly, placed us here to succeed. No one was foreordained to fail or be wicked. Let us remember that we were measured before and were found equal to our tasks; therefore, let us continue with a more determined discipleship. When we feel overwhelmed, let us recall the assurance that God will not over-program us; He will not press upon us more than we can bear.”
–Neal A. Maxwell

There you have it. It's time to put my big girl panties on and get it done. To stop being skeptic and to trust in my skills and the knowledge I have gained in the past two years. I wish I knew this quote the entire time I was in school.It's crazy how powerful words can be. Love it. I'm going to try to put all the little worries I have to the side and focus on being prepared for the inevitable.

 (Pic was taken by Bryana Likes Photography)

 On a happier stress free note, I'm a college graduate. It's been a long time coming, and I always knew what I wanted to do but finally accomplishing it feels so great! 

(all the ladies)
There were several days in that program when I thought I wasn't going to finish it, and times when I questioned whether all the sacrifice was worth it. But I'm at the end. Halleluiah! If I think about it long enough and consider how long of a journey it was I get all mushy about setting goals and going for them and no one wants to hear that. I wanted to be in the program since high school. It's super competitive to get in and well it took me three years to finally get accepted.

 It's funny how Heavenly Father works, like with timing and such. The first year I applied my parents got divorced, the second year I applied we were surprised with Deakon, by the third year I thought "well, last time. I have nothing to loose." HA. Heavenly Father knew what was in store and knew that I couldn't succeed with everything else that was happening around me. It would be too much. when the time was right it happened, and I got through it with help from my Heavenly Father, an amazing husband, and wonderful family members that supported me through it all. I'm one lucky and blessed girl.

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