Deakon-isms and a Photo Dump...

Things around here have been crazy! So much has been going on and I always think to myself..."I should blog about that" and "oh, I need to remember this." blah blah blah. honestly though I'm slowly recovery from a massive sinus infection and ear infection and Deakon is doing the same with double ear infections. So I thought I would just do a iphone photo dump and jot some cute things down about my ever growing two year old while I'm thinking about it.

Deak has morphed into a little boy rather than a toddler and that makes me sad.The only thing we have to master is potty training. that's happening this summer and well all I have to say is...Yikes!  But he is talking more and more everyday. and I know if I don't jot them down now I'll regret it later. So a here are a few Deakon-isms for your reading pleasure. (these might not be as adorable without a little two year old voice behind them but I think they are cute.)

"Chitty"- Kitty
"Ju"- Juice
"Dis"- This
"Berb"- Ferb (from Phinius and Ferb)
"Buzz"- anything Toy Story related

 And yes he is still calling me daddy and Preston mommy, we are at a loss on how to fix this. Any suggestions? Correcting him every time has gotten exhausting and now I'm just going with it. I know strangers are probably thinking I'm a drag queen and the fact that I love big hair and sequins doesn't help the matter, but whatev. Let them think it. :] 

Also this is just a little sneak peak of the two year old attitude that we have been dealing with, We had some pictures taken by Bryana from Bryana Likes Photography. She did amazing, but had to deal with some major attitude that morning if you can't tell. Those pics are soon to come!

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