The Tooth Fairy Chonicles; Five...

This little number will forever haunt my thoughts of school. Seems like every tiny detail about school revolves around this seemingly insignificant digit. 

You see in the program we are required to find patients that meet certain requirements. One of the most important requirements is finding a patient that has class 5 calculus (tartar) deposits on their teeth. That way we gain experience in proper patient care and removal of this type of deposit.
 Needless to say these people are pretty hard to find, and it just so happens that if you don't find two of these patients each semester you don't graduate. 
If they come in the clinic once then start to "no show" for appointments...you don't graduate.
If you happen to find them later in the semester and can't finish their care...you don't graduate.
Get my point? Talk about stressful, but there's nothing you can do about it but pray and search. Luckily enough I was able to find these requirements and they happened to be really dependable people so I'm in the clear.

We are also graded in clinic on a scale from 0-5. 5 is the number we are all reaching for. A 4 is a 80% and when you have to have an average of an 85% in all skill areas 4's just aren't going to cut it.
That's just clinic...

In all our classes we have to have at least a 75% to pass the class, if not...you don't graduate. But who are we kidding everyone in the program is a type A perfectionist so we're honestly striving for a 85% or even better...95%.  There is so much to this program it's crazy and there's not enough time in the day to try to explain all the pieces that need to fit together and how stressful it can be. The only people who really know are the girls that I see 45+ hours in the week and...my husband. Yep, Preston has gotten to the point where he even knows all about the importance of that scary little number, also all the CBE's, PRA's, HH's, PPM's, OA's and every other acronym that is used in school.

While the dental hygiene program is stressful and challenging its also exactly what I want to be doing. I can still be a mom, work part time while raising my family, and contribute financially as well. ISU has one of the best dental hygiene programs in the nation and in a few short weeks I'll be a graduate! Holy Cow!

Yep, so the number 5 will always make me cringe a little but it's over now. I've found and earned all the 5's I need. Last week was the final week of clinic, and it's over.Weird, but what a relief. Right now I still need to study for three written board exams and try to find a boards patient So I'm not completely done but the school part will be over May 4th! YAY!

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