Dear Deakon,

I love you, I mean really really love you.

With that in mind can I just ask what the recent obsession is with throwing my couch pillows all over the floor all of the time? I have never thought I would hate those things but man I hate them, especially on the floor. 

 I'm not quite sure where your dislike for pictures comes from but getting that picture perfect smile snapshot takes forever if it happens at all. I realize that these pics don't prove my point but just trust me.
 With your third birthday coming up and pictures to follow that makes me a little nervouse.

You love suckers, and when I say love I mean love (you have your momma's sweet tooth). But if you could manage to not get your cute little sticky fingers in my hair that would be great. You see mom went to the bathroom to blow her nose in the mall, and well while in the stall she found a sticky glob of her own hair which made her say out loud "what is that?!" mind you the nieghbor in the stall next to me was probably just as mortified as I was, although I highly doubt it. Talk about awkward. 

And if I could get you to eat anything besides the four C's (cookies, crackers,candy, and cake) I wouldn't know what to do with myself.  I mean your little finger nails seem to be flaking off on one hand, makes me think you are deficient in a vitamin (what else cold it be mom's out there?). I obviously need to be more consistent with the multivitamin and lie about carrots being candy or something.

All of that being said I'm just thinking you're lucky I love you so much, but in reality I'm lucky to have you. 

We are working on sharing and it's slowly clicking, as for potty training, um...not so much. No pressure though. When your ready you'll be ready.

You always have your trucks in hand

When your in time out you ask for a hug...and I secretly love that.

You are obsessed with stickers.Obsessed. But they have to be on your arms or legs at all times. Forget sticker books. 

I laugh everyday at the cute things you say and marvel at the things you teach me. While at the same time wonder if the terrible two's countinue to three? We'll see. 

Love you little one, 

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