Another Little Ugly...

One day while being dragged along from garage sale to garage sale by my insane husband (he loves garage sales more than I do) I stumbled upon this little ugly...

 (I actually remembered to take a before picture!)

Isn't it a bute!(such a serene ocean/lake scene) The lady wanted ten bucks for it, and mentioned we should look online to see if it was worth anything. Ha. It wasn't.

I knew it's potential but was not willing to pay that much. Preston talked her down to five, because ya know he's good at that kind of stuff. Me, not so much. I try to haggle with people but they can usually sense the awkwardness that I feel seeping out of me. I end up looking down and twiddling my thumbs and paying what they are asking for anyway. I stink at it.

Five bucks later this is what I ended up with! I just painted the frame and distressed it. Although, I did end up having to buy a ten dollar slab of chalkboard at Home Depot. I tried to just paint over the original painting with chalkboard paint...FAIL. That didn't work. So I bit the bullet and paid ten bucks for a real chalkboard. All in all I'm into the project $15.00, not to shabby. It has found a home in our kitchen. I can now write down what's for dinner and items I always seem to forget to remember when I go shopping. Or I can doodle to my hearts content. It's going to be a great photography prop as well.

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