An Anniversary...

As of July 14th Hubby and I have been married for five years. 


In the grand scheme of things (eternity) five years is just a little blip. In the last five years we have survived college, became parents, set and achieved goals, laughed a lot, argued, and loved.We wouldn't have it anyother way. I remember on our first anniversary thinking about making it to our fifth and thinking we will be so old, that's a long ways off. Ha. It flew by.

I had this plan to write out our love story (mostly because I know our children would love it down the road.) and post it on our blog the day of our anniversary. Obviously that didn't happen because um, it's September and I haven't even mentioned an anniversary until now. Maybe it will happen eventually.

I was in charge of the plans for this one soooo... I surprised Preston with five balloons that had pictures tied to it through our five years of marriage (you know we've all seen this on pintrest) and a cute little love note.

 We then went Zip-lining at Heise Hot Springs. Talk about fun. It really was a blast and worth every penny. The guides were funny, the lines were high, there was some hiking involved and it rained and rained and rained. It could've even been slightly romantic if we hadn't been with a group of people. A family from Nebraska and some other slightly trashy Walmart workers on break were along for the ride. We got know the family pretty quick and they were entertaining at least, but we could've done without the others and their swearing, and skimpy tank tops (seriously hanging upside down...no good), and creepy eavesdropping but whatever. We had a blast! 

 We ran to the car literally sopping wet when we were done and decided to go home, shower, and warm up.  We eventually went out to dinner and to Orange Leaf for ice cream, then opted out of the movie (we were so tired) and rented a red box and came home. It was the best.

I don't like to get to mushy and corny with my love for my best friend out here in cyber world. An anniversary kinda calls for that though. :] Preston is my best friend, he the best thing that has ever happened to me. Our little love story is kinda complicated, although quite memorable. All I want him to know though is that if I had to choose again, I'd still choose him.

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