Our Little Summer In Pictures...

At a measly attempt to blog about an entire summer all in one blog post I thought a bunch of random pictures would be the best way to go about it. I also attempted to try the Photo-a-day challenge for a month to make sure that I would take more photos and well...I made it to day six. Pathetic.
 That explains why some pictures are labeled with days. Maybe next month?
So bare with me and sit back and look at my adorable little boy, all the pictures are of him anyway.

At home our days are filled with typical boy stuff, ya know wrestling, cars and trucks, and messes.

 Shopping and cupcake dates with Aniston and her mom are a highlight.

 Holding a neighbors puppy was fun for about 2.7 seconds.

 Riding on a float and passing out candy in the Little Buckaroo Parade.
 This is the only time he would wear the hat.

 Summer wouldn't be the same without sidewalk chalk and balls to throw.

 Fun day trip to the zoo...

Movie night and popcorn snuggles while dad is at work.

Swimming, swimming, swimming...

Of course the end cap to summer would be eating junk food and hanging out with family and friends at the fair! Deakon and Aniston had a blast running from cage to cage petting the animals. The grownup's had a blast stuffing our faces with greasy fair food.

All in all it was a great summer, and what made it even better was knowing that come August I didn't have to go back to school. We have a busy fall coming up with two brothers leaving on missions, Preston becoming a true Idahoan, and Deakon's birthday. Whew!

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