Hello Ohio...

 My stomach has been in knots all day, mainly because I'm imagining how Brenner is feeling and the big sister monster in me wants to protect him. I can't even imagine how nervous he is feeling. First night in the MTC is a rough one, so Preston tells me. I also need to remember how excited Brenner was to go, he seemed ready to get on with his mission and like he said he made this goal to serve the Lord when he was a little boy in primary. He will be alright...he will be alright.

Ya know brothers are funny little creatures. They seem to be genetically wired from birth to know what to say or do to push buttons. Then one day, before you know it they have turned into great guys that have learned how to melt your heart a little. Although every now and then they are still a button pusher.

B is no exception. Growing up he knew what to do or say to make you want to throw him across the room.  Still though he knew how to make his sisters laugh. His crazy hilarious dance moves in the kitchen, to no music mind you, always had the family splitting stitches. Who am I kidding, I'm not so innocent in the teasing department. We dressed B up in our "dress-ups" and made him carry a babydoll a time or two, not to mention teaching him a cheer at the right old age of four and how to rally and jump afterward.

A little piece of my heart is off to Ohio for two years. B was called to serve in the Columbus Ohio Mission. It feels really weird to think that I'm not going to see him everyday. The kid would stop by on his lunch hour or after practice to play with Deak. Growing up being the only brother he was definitely teased, spoiled , and loved. Now we have two more brothers added to the mix and they taught him what it was like to have brothers for the last three years. We love them too. Eventually come the start of October we will have three missionaries out serving the Lord. Brett is in Mexico, and Coltyn is headed to Guatemala. Crazy. My mom and Todd are going from a relatively full house of boys to themselves within a matter of two years. 
Lots of change up ahead.

Brenner's the kind of kid that you want on your team. Sports or not. When he loves something he loves hard and is committed 110%, he's loyal, honest, and determined. Great qualities to have in a missionary. growing up he always impressed me with his testimony, it was constantly growing. He's a great example of honoring the priesthood and what it means to love our Savior. The day he gave his farewell talk he said "The savior has sacrificed everything for me, why can't I sacrifice two years for him?"

He will be missed everyday, by us all. But we all know that he's doing the best thing he can right now and serving the Lord.Someone also told him that he will be amazed and will recognize the blessings he will recieve from Serving the Lord for the rest of his life. That helps take the sting off of missing him a little.
 We love you B.

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