Monster of a Third Birthday...

Whew am I glad that birthdays are only once a year, and I only have one kid to throw a party for. The past two years for Deakon's birthday I was smack dab in the middle of grueling midterms. I was stuck in school all day and when I was home I was stuck with my nose in a book memorizing terms and conceots and such. My heart ached for those two birthdays because I wasn't able to throw a birthday blast for my little one and even worse I wasn't even able to soend the day with him making sure he knew how special he was to me. 

This year however, I planned an entire two days of fun foe the birthday boy. He woke up to a living room full of balloons and we wnet to breakfast at IHOP. He got his very own smiley face pancake and was sang to and given a bowl of ice cream (at ten in the morning). We then went to the movie Hotel Transylvania, and had popcorn. About half way through Deak was over the movie, he ran up and down the stairs and played with his toys. thank heavens we had an empty theatre.

After nap time deak woke up and played and played. Preston was done in the spuds and was able to be home all day, a lot of wrestling ensued. After dinner we had a cupcake and presents. This birthday was fun because dEakon is starting to catch on. He knows about "berfdays" and "pessants" and "party cake". 

Saturday we had all family and friends over for a little monster bash. In my mind I pictured a well mannered birthday boy taking turns and sharing his toys the house decked with the cutest decorations cutest and an amazing cake that were all handmade by me, blah blah blah.

Boy did reality smacked me in the face. The cake turned out to be a nightmare. Now amount off sprinkles could make that thing cute. It was just a good thing it was supposed to be a monster. It was so ugly it was cute. Deakon spent most of the time bawling because it wasn't his turn with the pinata, or the kids were playing with his new toys (ya we are still working in sharing) So did the party turn out to be like the ones you see beautifully pictures all over blog land?...NO. Was it memorable? yes. Did it make Deakon a happy little three year old?...sure did.  Deakon got spoiled rotten, had a blast with his friends and at the end of the night he was cuddled up with his favorite friends babbling on about "berfday" cake and "pessants". 

It was all worth it. 

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