Halloween Projects, and a Package...

Like everyone else out there I LOVE Halloween. 
Actually if we are being totally honest I love any reason to make things and decorate my home {let's be real}. The gory, creepy frightening part of Halloween I could live without. I cannot watch anything slightly terrifying without looking around corners and flipping on every light switch in the house for a few weeks after. That's just been my thing since I was little. When I was a teen and in college however I went along with the scary stuff because it gave me a reason to cuddle with a boy. Now that I married I can cuddle with my guy anytime I want...no need for terror.  
Although I do have a confession I love to watch The Walking Dead with Preston. He was watching it one night in the middle of the second season and I was painting my toes trying to not pay attention. It got me. I started asking questions and Preston tried to fill me in but begged me to watch it. I caved with a few conditions: 1- I can shield my eyes and watch Preston watch it on the scary gory parts. 2- he narrates through the eye shielding parts letting me know what I'm missing 3- We watch something light and fun a little while afterward 4- he stays awake until i fall asleep. The plot line and character profiles are amazing! As well as the costumes and special effects. Mind you I could live without the gore. He got me all caught up on Netflix and now we watch it every Sunday night. Anyway that was quite the Zombie side note.

 I like the cutesy child like memories type of Halloween. This is the shelf that's in my living room. I think it turned out pretty darn cute. The subway art is from the blog eighteen 25. and most everything else i have had in years past or bought at the dollar spot in target. I also printed off Deakon's costume pictures from the past two years. So fun.

I also found this Cute printable at it works for bobbi's blog. Even though I only have one little monster I thought it was still cute.I put it above my desk {which I refinished and haven't even taken a picture of}.

Then there was this little project that i undertook... I saw a wreath like this on Etsy for like $40.00 and thought phsst...I can make that.

 This baby took some diligence and patience, and a lot of burlap. It is huge, mainly because Joann's didn't have an 18" wreath frame when I was there, all they had was a 24" frame. I didn't think it would make that big of a difference but man it did. I bought the burlap with double coupons which made it pretty darn cheap. Then the very next morning I got this little lovely in my mailbox...

Talk about timing. I was annoyed, I got the burlap for cheap but this would have made it even less.
Oh well. I just started cutting the burlap in strips, tying, and bunching. Multiple hours and $20.00 later it was  it was done. I do understand now why they wanted $40.00 for it.

 Other than prepping for halloween and getting Deakons costume together we have been busy sending a greenie car package to our favotire missionary in Ohio. B has been in Ohio for a few eeks now and had said in emails that it has been quite a culture shock but he is loving every minutue of it. Deakon has been asking "where's B" and I tell him he's on a mission and he always replies "B on a mission? I want to go on a mission"
It's cute. So we thoguht we would send him a little :greenie" package. Hopefully he gets it and loves it.

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