"Happy Balentimes..."

That's how my tender hearted three year old says it. Pulls at the 'ol heart strings every time. There have been a lot of happenings in our home since we made the move. All of which could be a post all on their very own. Which I don't have the patience for, nor do you have the time to read that many posts. I've never been the type of blogger that feels like I have to keep up on our lives in chronoloigical order. If I fall behind, I fall behind. If it's that important I'll write about it anyway. Catching up with everything that goes on is burdensome and takes the fun out it. I just pop in here and there and document things as I feel. It can cause for some inconsistency on the blog, but whatev. I'll mention all the changes eventually.
 Until then we celebrated Valentines day like everyone else... a day full of chocolate, pink, red, hearts, and love.

That cute subway art was a birthday present from Lyssie. She made it herself, she's graduating soon with a major in graphic design. You better believe I'm going to take full advantage of that. :] 

Home made tortilla chips and nachos for dinner. 


This little man stole my heart from day one.

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