Dear Deakon,

Just a quick little note...When you were in my tummy I had mommy day dreams about us cuddled up on the couch, or in your rocking chair while reading a book. You would giggle and point and pay attention to all the cute little pictures. You would love to have me read to you. Reality check... you honestly couldn't have cared less about making my day dream a reality.

 Since you were tiny your attention span has lasted oh...um, about 2.5 seconds. Only lately, within the last few months or so have you really started to pay attention to the books I attempt to read to you. You love the bright cheery pictures, and pay attention to the story-lines. It's gotten really fun to read to you. We usually read a book right before "quiet time" aka: nap time (can't call it nap time anymore, if it has the N-word in it you absolutely refuse to sleep no matter how heavy your little eyelids are). We also read right after prayers and before bed. You choose a book and Dad or I take turns laying in your big boy bed reading to you. You love it when I read in character voices, point out colors, and letters and shapes.

 Although my favorite part... my VERY favorite part is when I'm done reading, you ask to read the story to me. No matter how tired I am. No matter what kind of day we have had, I take the time to snuggle next to you for a few more minutes and listen...

Listen to you re-tell the story how you see it. You have a good little memory and can repeat the story back to me pretty seamlessly. However it always has a cute little three year old spin to it. I love that time of day and will cherish it forever. Love you to bits, Mommy.

{Favorite books currently are: Tickle Monster, Boogie Monster, Splat the Cat, your ABC Book, and the Little Quack Books.}

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