Halloween Celebration...

We decided to make the most of October and pack it full of Halloween festivities. 

We "boo'ed" a few of our friends with our favorite Monster Mash Treat...
Let me tell you Booing people and trying to do it secretly is super tricky with a four year old. 
 He loved it though, especially ringing the door bell and running like crazy.

 (Deakon getting his boo face on.)

Then we went to Pheasant Farms and picked pumpkins, looked at farm animals, and even found a cute little lady bug. 

Deakon's heart broke when we wouldn't let him bring his lady bug friend home with him. Like, as in had a little meltdown in the middle of the pumpkin field. He even tried to put it in his pocket thinking I wasn't paying attention 
(I'll be checking pockets apprehensively from now on). 

...and of course he was more excited about the Ladybug than picking the perfect pumpkin. 

A week later we carved the pumpkins, The middle is Deakon's. He put his hands in the pumpkin and said "ewe grwoss" after that I ended up carving it. Lame. He did want a mean face though, which I may be a little biased but I pretty much nailed it free hand. Preston's is the creepy one, let me tell you pumpkin carving is not for the faint of heart. By the time I was done with Deakon's my hand hurt so bad. Half was due to a long week of work but by the time I got to my pumpkin I clearly gave up and carved a lame heart. 

Finally Halloween came. His latest obsession has been Planes. If you couldn't tell from his birthday party.  Deakon's costume was his favorite so far. He told me he wanted to be Duddy Duddy Crwop Hopper. So preston and I put this little diddy together. 

He loved the costume so much he went around all night making airplane noises. SO cute. The look on his face made the work completely worth it.

Deakon fell asleep in the car before he even started.  We woke him up and took him to a little suburb and let him go from house to house.  Then we went to our ward trunk-or-treat. They had cars all lined up in the parking lot and a fire in the middle where everyone hung out and visited. 
We then went and treated ourselves with a good dinner. 

October is over. Whew! Happy Halloween. 


  1. That has to be the best homemade halloween costume I've seen! He'll never forget it! And he's just too cute to handle!

  2. I love love love that cute Halloween costume. You are one crafty lady! And I loved running into you! I miss your face!


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