....countdown to disney!....

...that's right, Preston and I are going to California! We decided that we needed to take advantage of our "no kid" time while we still can. Preston graduates in April. We finally see a light at the end of the education tunnel! So to celebrate we're going to see Mickey and Minnie. I'm so excited! We're going with Janae and Travis (a.k.a. Tranae). It's going to be so much fun. A full week of sun, beaches, shopping, and Disneyland magic! Both of the boys have never been there, Janae and I are veterans can't wait and to show the boys how much fun they can have with random people dressed up as Disney characters... Eeek I'm so excited!


  1. Hey! So I see you have made it to the blogging world! Hope things are good!

  2. Oh man, that sounds like a lot of fun. Even though kids are the best ;) enjoy the time when there are only two of you! Have fun!


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