....goodbye rexburg!....

Goodbye little tiny apartment, goodbye washer and dryer (that sounds like a Jet is taking off), goodbye front door... finally April is almost here... Preston is graduating, and we are Moving! Preston and I have decided that we are going to Washington for the summer. I'm really excited, I love Seattle and I miss his family. As far as staying there permanently we're still not sure. When it comes to the future, and settling down for good it's all blurry. We are still waiting to hear from a few Dental Hygiene schools!... waiting and wishing. What we do know is that the Payne's never like to do anything easy so we are moving next week, Preston likes moving because... quote, "It gives us a chance to get rid of stuff". I dislike moving because.... quote "It gives Preston a chance to get rid of stuff". Anyway we'll be staying at my mom's for a week, and then it's off to Disneyland, after that it's straight to Washington. busy... busy... busy.


  1. Dev- 1. what happened to Florida for the summer and 2. You're leaving and never coming back? I think I teared up when I read this!!

  2. Cool! Ya know I live in WA. Good luck with the move and all. I'm with Preston....I like to get rid of stuff! That was the best part of moving every three months. If I hadn't used it was gone!

  3. Ya I agree with Melody I don't like the sound of this.. We are still praying for you guys to stay close by!!


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