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...It's mother's day. My very first mother's day. I've learned a lot in the past six months since joining the "Mommy Hood". I have a feeling that will never change :]. The greatest thing I've learned is a new chapter of love. One that I never knew I had in me. I wouldn't consider myself a selfish person but when I wanted to do something, I did it. When I wanted to get something I bought it.  When Deakon was born my needs were put on hold, and I was completely ok with that. He was all that mattered. In fact I would go hours without eating {and If you know me, you know that never happens :]}.  When he came home Little Squish taught me that I didn't need a full nights sleep his tummy was rumbling, or it was possible to wait another half hour before I make my own lunch. I guess it's the same love just a different version.

The past few months of slowly learning the in's and outs of motherhood has led me to reflect on the Leading Ladies in my life. All the sacrifices and unselfish acts they made to raise me right. And the endearing little habits that I grew to love and admire.

Great Grandma No No:

No No is a nickname given to her from little grandkids after I was in my twenties. It fits her perfectly. We all  at one time or another heard "no no" in such a gentle, but stern voice. While we slyly reached for a nick nack we knew not to touch. As I got older I would mow her gi-normouse lawn in the summers. Each time I did I could count on Grandma No No to bring me lemonade and a PB & J sandwich. I'm so happy she's still around to be able to have held my little baby.

Grandma Kathy:

I don't think you could find another woman who loves animal print and diamonds more than this one. She's full of attitude and spunk. Loves to give many hugs and lipstick kisses.  Knows how to decorate a home and throw a party. Rarely have I ever seen her without her "face" on {as she likes to put it}, always put together and dressed for the occasion. I think I get my love of interior design from her and I know that's where I get my love of rhinestones, sequins, and diamonds. She always has a nickname for her grand kids some more normal than others: Sweet Heart, Tiger Buns, Pickle, and... Sugar Puss.

Grandma G:

{Grandma G and I at four days old}

Grandma G's house was the place to be growing up {maybe because she practically babysat all of her grandkids at one time or another} there was always something going on there. Summers full of playing outside, and lunches of Country Time Lemonade or Tang accompanied with tuna fish sandwiches or "weenies" {hot dogs} as she called them. That always made us snicker. She would take us shopping to good ol' Kings and we would always get a treat.  Oh... that's another thing, the treat bowl. Always full to the brim stocked with the best candies for us and a few favorites of her's {Swedish  Fish & Red Raspberry's}. I love this woman. She's the only grandma that's not around anymore and I miss her every day.

Lyssie Loo:

Now she's no grandma or mother yet, but my little sister is a one of a kind lady. She's my bestie and has through the years taught me a lot of patience, to always look on the bright side, and be nice to everybody. I love being her big sister and wouldn't change any of the challenges we have have endured together. I can't wait to see her get married and take on all the experiences that being a wife and mother bring. She'll face it head on and always with a smile.

 My Mom:

My mom has no certain nickname but she has the best title ever "Mom". She's mine and I wouldn't trade her in for anything else. 100% positive. She has always been a beautiful example of righteousness and womanhood. I built my own testimony of the gospel through hearing hers and learning from her example. I love her to the core. She is always full of good advice while struggling through the hard times. She's tough and can get through anything.  I have seen her do it. I look up to her.  She also has a fun silly side. I love her for that to. I love her voice, her smile, the way she does her hair, her little comments to me when I'm not in a good mood.  She's always spunky and cheerful. I love her laugh.

....My only hope for being a mother is that I become a hodge podge of all of these special ladies in my life and perfect it in a way that's all my own. So that Deakon {and all my future little babies} will grow up to love me as much as I love all the leading ladies in my life.... Happy Mother's Day.

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