you've come a long way...

From 2 lbs 3 oz, hooked up to every IV and monitor you could imagine, and calling a incubator in the NICU home...
(Priceless moment captured in the NICU at 2 lbs 9 oz.)

... Looking back on that time your dad and I thought this day would never come. Look at you at you now. Twenty-three lbs. later, pulling yourself up onto things, just weeks away from walking, filling our home with smiles and laughter, giving us kisses (only when you want too), and helping us discover a new dimension of love. Your even stuffing your face with cake... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Baby Cakes! (PS. You'll always have that nickname no matter how grown up you are).

Cake Bashing pics were taken by Caralee Case

Just wanted to mention a big Thank You to all the amazing nurses and Doctors that helped this day happen. They'll always have a special place in our hearts...


  1. He hardly looks like the same little boy. BUT he still has that smile;) Gotta LOVE what a baby brings to your life. Otherwise we would be boring people!
    Happy Birthday Baby Deakon!

  2. Happy Late to baby Deakon! What a cute handsome miracle you have!

  3. brought tears to my eyes! Im so happy for you guys and little Deakon! Who would have thought such a hansome lil boy would come from preston! He must get all of his cute-ness from you!

  4. SO cute! I love those pictures! And those blue eyes! Holy cow!

  5. those cake pictures are so cute, the colors are amazing! so glad he's healthy :)


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