sealed with a kiss...

Lyssie and Jordan tied the knot back in January, we just got the pictures.
(they turned out so good)

This wedding meant a lot to me mostly for three reasons;

1.  She's my only little sister
  2. I wanted her wedding to be full of special memories, and not an ounce of stress...unlike mine.
  (It's a long story. Let's just say the week that led to the wedding was.. well..maybe someday I'll blog about that)

3. I hate to admit it but I'm a sentimental, romantic S-A-P.

So naturally I put a lot of pressure on myself, luckily everything (hair, makeup, pictures, food, the little details) turned out perfect but not without help from a bunch of family and friends.

She's a b-e-utiful bride, and he's not to shabby either.

Together they'll make pretty babies (someday in the far, far off future)...

If I had to give them one bit of advice (ya know cause I'm so full of marital wisdom) it would be...
pray together every night no matter what.

We love you, Lyssie & Jordan

(All pictures were taken by Lindsay Lowery...amazing right?)


  1. Oh wow! Everything was so pretty! I LOVE the cake. So fun!

  2. How fun! She is gorgeous! Congrats to them!


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