this post is one of those posts...

You know, when you're so far behind in documenting the fun and special things that occur in everyday life. You have a million pictures to share, and memories to go with them but you don't know where to begin. I can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed, and I hate that feeling, so allow me to quickly catch up...

*We went to the fair and had a blast, good greasey food, time with family, and people watching
* Obviously the petting zoo was our favorite part
*Deak was timid with the animals at first, five minutues later he seemed right at home :]
*We (Deak and I) fell in love with the puppies, hard.

* Cheering on B at all his football games
*We made t-shirts for all of us, it was fun
*They made it to the championship game, and got second
* #10 is Deakon's favorite player

* Deakon's costume was quite the hit around town, and i got dubbed a "cool mom" more than once
* We had to bribe deak with candy to keep his costume on
*Visit's to grandma's and grandpa's
*A bucket full of candy, with really no parental guidance...we were sorry about that a thrown up gob of Skittles later

*Thanksgiving in Washington, with Mom and Dad Payne and the crew
*Playing and playing with cousins
* A ferry boat ride on the exact ferry Preston proposed to me on, he has a thing for ferries.

Whew things have been busy around here, when have they not though. We are looking forward to the holiday season and making more memories. Just got finished putting the tree up and still have some small projects here and there that need finishing touches.  The semester will be finishing up here soon so we're in the final push, if only I can manage to stay focused. :]

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