Last Month In Idaho...

1. Black Friday shopping started at eight o'clock Thursday night. 
Just Lyssie and I grabbing purchases like a boss.
2. Packing began, this is the only way I could get anything done. Cute Stinker.
3. Some last minute gifts to give people we love. I'm learning to embrace my own handwriting.
4. A Favorite things gift exchange held for Janae and I. Cute party, good food, and generous hosts.
 Thanks Kellie, Camber, and Mel
5. Gutting the apartment. Packing a moving van twice (don't ask) and cleaning.
This little apartment has so many memories package into it.
 I brought Deakon home for the first time here, we finished college here, and hit five years in our marriage in this home.
6. Turning into our drive way into our new place. 
The goodbyes were the toughest part of that road trip. The transition has been bumpy at times but so far we are good.We are excited for Christmas. Whoever the crazy person was that decided to move during the busiest time of year should be shot. :]

We have been busy here. Preston went to work for Hill Moving until we hear from some police departments. I have been un packing and trying to pull Christmas together and getting everything lined up to get my license so I can find a job. I'm also trying to ignore the fact that we will be having our first Christmas alone. It's going to be tough I'm trying to come up with activities and traditions to fill the holiday season with.
I would love to hear any Christmas family traditions you may have!

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