Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Mom...

I'm a mom...I've been a mom for three years now and in that three years I have learned some things. Some good things, some funny things, some useful things, some random things. I've decided that taking the time to jot down a list of  these lessons I have learned by the year, would be both reflective and therapeutic in a way for me and entertaining to my children in the future. Who knows maybe these lessons learned will eventually be cherished by me and my children...maybe not. Whatever they do my kids will know how becoming their mother affected me, challenged me, and changed me for the better. To me that is priceless. 

So that's the plan, every year around Mother's Day.  I have some catching up to to do so bare with me for the next three days...Thankfully the past three years are pretty fresh in my brain.

Year One:

1- Great things come in small packages.

2- Sleep deprivation is inevitable.

3- It is amazing how you can love something so fiercely...immediately.

4- When a diaper comes off...Boy Scout Motto; BE PREPARED.

5- Our lives changed forever on 10.12.09 

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