A Quick Little Anecdote...

So the other day Deakon and I went to see Dr. Hawley for his well child visit, she wanted to evaluate his speech so she started to ask him questions...

Dr. Hawley: "Deakon what's your favorite fruit?"

Deakon: "mmm...fru nacks!"

Seriously kid...way to make me look bad.

Dr. Hawley: "Okay, what's your favorite vegtable?"

Eyes up toward the right corner of the ceiling, hand cupping chin, index finger tapping lips,thinking really hard...

 Deakon: ..."fwench fwies!"

Who gets the worst mom of the year award...This momma.

So here's proof that Deakon, your favorite fruit at the age of three is in fact bananas. NOT fruit snacks.

Silly Kid.

1 comment:

  1. Um that's hilarious! And nice job trying to convince us all that banana's are in fact his favorite fruit (we all know it's probably fruit snacks). :)


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