the naughty spot...

 Being first time parents Preston and I are finding ourselves a little unprepared in the "how to discipline your toddler mode of parenting". Toddler attitude has come in full swing around our household and we have decided that right now having a "time out" spot for Deakon is the best way to handle him when he's being naughty...

 Naturally, if I can spray paint or slap vinyl onto anything I'll do it and this stool was no exception. I originally wanted a chair just his size that I could re-paint and make into a "Naughty Spot" but after months of looking and not wanting to pay $30.00 for a chair (we hope not to use often) I settled for a stool. It was half off at Joann's, so I brought it home and whipped out the spray paint, distressed it a little and slapped some vinyl on the thing.

I think it's pretty darn cute, although I don't think Deak agrees with me. : ]

I realize six months or even two weeks from now this could be just a huge waste of time, and he'll sit on the stool to watch Handy Manny every morning.  But as of right now though this is our plan, let's cross our fingers it works!

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  1. oh my gosh you are the cutest mommy ever! I love the bench such a great idea!! by the way miss you :(


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